Kerr Horsemanship

Awareness, Creativity, Moving as One...





Corkscrew Willow Ranch is located 25 miles northwest of Spokane in Tum Tum, WA.

We provide care and training for your horse as if they were our own. Natural horsemanship is our only goal to create a calm, quiet and respectful relationship between you and your horse.

Each horse is treated individually and not forced into more than they can mentally or physically handle. My main goal as a horsewoman is to have a horse who is safe, sane, and who will be a partner in whatever you choose to do together.



Spring Tune Up Clinic

April 7,  2012

Come join me for a spring tune up clinic.  Get your horse on his "thinking" side again.

Groundwork for the first few hours working with your horse on balance and softness. We will then move on to doing those same exercises in the saddle and getting the feel of our horses feet. We will move on to some obstacles and issues you may be having with your horses. For more information please call 509-276-7851 


Up coming Spring Clinics and Events

Keep coming back for up coming clinics and events for the new 2011 year!

Horse Show Calendar - Horse Show Central provides a calendar by month, state, breeds, disciplines and classes a show offers.

Recent Events:

Melody Riders Saddle Club

Chewelah, WA

If you're looking for an affordable good family environment where you can have fun with your horses, Melody Riders is a great place.  The event is held at the MRSC arena, just south of Chewelah, WA.  Look them up on Facebook for more information.

Want to have some fun without the kids?  Join the YeeHaw Sisterhood OPRC group.  Lots of upcoming rides and events. Check us out on facebook.